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Farm Team is a collaboration series between Reuben’s Brews, PCC Community Markets, and the great farmers of the Pacific Northwest brewed to highlight the unique terroir of our region. This beer features just a single hop and a single malt to best showcase the outstanding work hop and malt growers bring to our industry. The Cold Pale Ale style allows the full brightness of the hops to shine on a crisp and clean base which also highlights the unique character of Pacific Northwest malts.
Strata - 2020 Harvest
Roy Farms
Moxee, WA

Knutzen Farms is a sixth-generation family owned and operated business in the Skagit Valley, known widely for their potatoes. Like many area farms, the Knutzens have utilized barley as a rotational crop, and have recently found a market for their grain through the help of Skagit Valley Malting.

This harvest of Fritz barley was completed in 2019 however it was malted in September 2021, displaying characteristic pilsner malt character with a light, crackery base with a touch of green grass/fresh floral notes.

Fritz is a Washington State University developed barley. Originally conceived for dry-land farming on the east side of Washington, trials on the West Side found that it grows plumper and has more flavor on the west side of the state. The goal for breeding this barley was to reduce the Proanthocyanidin levels that contribute chill haze and permanent haze to beers. This goal was achieved and the malt can help brew clearer beers. Great for all styles of beers, especially those where clarity is important

Fritz - 2019 Harvest
Knutzen Farms
Burlington, WA

Roy Farms in Moxee, WA is a family owned and operated farm that has more than a century’s experience in growing world-class hops and fruit in the Yakima Valley. Through more than 113 hop harvests, their expertise in growing and harvesting the best quality hops that brewers like us crave. Their motto is NO PEOPLE. NO FARMS. NO BEER.

Strata Hops - aka X-331 - emerged from the Indie Hops breeding program. It was first developed in 2009, but only saw commercial release in 2018. Strata is the progeny of an open pollinated Perle located at an Oregon State University experimental field in Corvallis, Oregon. Strong disease resistance, a vigorous growth habit, and hypnotic layers of flavor have launched Strata into the top echelon of craft IPA hops.

Indie Hops describes the flavors of Strata as having notes of passionfruit, melon, strawberry, grapefruit, rock concert cannabis and dried chili peppers. What do you taste?

Roy Farms is the exclusive Washington State grower of Strata and is continuing to expand acreage to meet demand from brewers and customers alike.

Amarillo - 2020 Harvest
Double R Ranches
Harrah, WA

“There is a unique marriage between the tulips and the barley, a synergism that they share together. If the grain for flour is for spirit and health and the spirits of the barley are for a little fun and games and the tulips are all about beauty then we have a complete heart body mind and soul.” — John Roozen

William Roozen emigrated from Holland in 1947 with years of experience in the bulb industry. He had a good back, strong hands, and a heart pulsing with dreams. Roozen started a bulb farm on five acres of land, holding meetings in a garage and toiling long hours beside a few hired hands. He saved money by buying used tractors and farm equipment.

Today, Roozen's small company has grown to be the largest tulip-bulb grower in the country and one of the largest employers in the Skagit Valley. The flower industry in the Skagit Valley has become an important element of the county's economy.

The Roozen family's hard work ethic spans at least six generations. The family first began raising tulips in Holland in the mid-1700's.

In addition to their famous Tulips the Roozen's also grow barley for Skagit Valley Malting, including this crop of Pilot Pale. Pilot is a UK bred barley variety that was originally selected for its higher temperature stable Beta-Amylase. Because of this, brewers are able to get a dryer finishing beer while mashing at a higher temperature. It brews any style very well due to its subtle malt flavor at lower color, but can also be a big help in higher gravity beers when kilned higher (our Pilot Dark Ale). All-around workhorse malt in the brewhouse.

Pilot Pale - 2019 Harvest
Washington Bulb Company
Mount Vernon, WA

The Riel family has been a member of the Yakima Valley community since the 1890’s when Wilfred Riel traveled from Canada and settled in Moxee, WA working for the Moxee Hop Company. His three sons, including Willie Riel, decided to start their careers as farmers by leasing 80 acres of property on the Yakama Reservation. Willie eventually moved his family and farming operations to Harrah, WA and established Double ‘R’ Hop Ranches in 1945.

Willie’s two sons, Jerome and Leonard, continued the family farming operations, producing hops, potatoes, apples and Hereford cattle, for many years with the help and guidance of Willie. Double ‘R’ Hop Ranches is now owned and operated by grandsons Kevin, Keith and Steve Riel. With great grandchildren Jessica and Zackary recently joining the business, Double ‘R’ is now a 5th generation family farm.

While other crops have been added to their farming portfolio, hop production has been, for many years, the soul of Double ‘R’ Hop Ranches. With more than 100 years of collective experience in hop farming, the family strives to produce quality hops for brewers all over the world. They are committed to food safety and sustainability, maintaining a GlobalG.A.P. certification for all of their hop products.

Estate-Grown Comet
Salmon-Safe 2021 Harvest
Crosby Hop Farm
Woodburn, OR

The history of Clearwater Farms dates back to 1895 when German immigrant Fredrich Riggers homesteaded on 160 acres of the Camas Prairie three miles west of Nezperce, Idaho. Paying a one dollar filing fee for the property, Fredrich began making improvements on the land and eventually started a family there after marrying Ernestine Koepp in 1900.
Today, Nathan and Christine Riggers, along with their son and his spouse, Christopher and Natalie Riggers, own and manage this fifth generation dry land grain farm, now known as Clearwater Farms.

The Riggers continue a tradition of diverse, innovative, ecologically sustainable farming in North Central Idaho. In addition to a no-till farming system, they’ve implemented a diverse crop rotation of over 15 different species of primarily Non-GMO cereal grains, oilseeds, legumes, and grass seeds. And all of the crops are grown in a direct seed, no-till or minimum till system, which leaves the soil undisturbed and maintains a protective cover of plant residue, minimizing soil erosion and sediment loss to surrounding watersheds. Clearwater Farms is also a certified and accredited Salmon-Safe farm.

In the capable hands of Montana Craft Malt in Butte, Montana, the 2-row LCS Genie barley that Clearwater grows becomes Cascadia Pilsner, a crisp, clean, and versatile base malt that’s low in protein and light in color. Highly efficient and full of flavor, it’s the ideal canvas for showcasing a Pacific Northwestern hop variety like Comet.

Cascadia Pilsner
Salmon-Safe 2020 Harvest
Clearwater Farms
Nezperce, ID

Nestled between the Cascade Mountains and the Oregon Coast, the Willamette Valley is an ideal growing environment, known for producing some of the finest aroma hops on Earth. And many of those fragrant cones come from the 600-acre Crosby Hop Farm.

Blake Crosby, the current farm operator, carries on a tradition of hop growing as the fifth generation president and CEO. In 2012, Blake convinced the family to invest heavily in a new vision for the business. Leaving behind the days of a highly commoditized hop industry, the new model focused instead on exceptional quality hops, processed into pellets on site, and marketed to craft brewers. Today the family business includes a global footprint and a robust hop merchant-processor platform known as Crosby Hops™ that complements the estate-grown hops and legacy spirit of Crosby Hop Farm in the Willamette Valley.

Crosby Hops originally planted 30 acres of Comet across two different locations in Oregon. This spring an additional 30 acres will be strung. This large investment into a public hop variety is a direct response to a need from brewers for an agronomically sound, citrus-forward IPA hop, at an affordable price point. Before Crosby’s investment, Oregon’s Comet acreage was at zero. The family made its commitment to both diversify the variety’s growing regions and to offer increased security to interested buyers. Crosby estate-grown Comet is certified Salmon-Safe and processed under GlobalG.A.P. certification standards.

HBC 1019
Haas Yakima Golding Farm
Toppenish, WA
Lyon Pilsner
Joseph's Grainery
Colfax, WA
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