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This Alpenglow release is fresh and juicy with HBC 1019 hops leading the way. This hazy IPA is a full-bodied fruit cocktail with some high notes of pine and cedar, with balancing sweetness filling your glass.

HBC 1019 is an experimental hop that we’re proud to be sponsoring through our partners at Haas. As this experimental hop develops - one of our first releases with this new hop was Puffs of [Classified] back when the number of the hop was still a trade secret - we’re excited to share with you more expressions of this unique flavor profile across many different beers. HBC 1019 also features heavily in the 2022 release of Bits & Bobs, our spring seasonal IPA, which will be coming to a store near you very soon!

Cheers to our partners at Haas and the other select breweries sponsoring this exciting new hop for making a beer like Alpenglow 1019 happen!

Pils, Pale, Wheat, Oats
HBC 1019 from Haas, Mosaic®, Citra®
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