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Kegs to Go

Fine Print

We are pleased to be able to offer kegs to go out of the taproom!

Please read the information below and use the link at the bottom to submit a request.

PLEASE NOTE: Keg sales and returns are only available at The Taproom (5010 14th Ave NW)

1/6 BBL Kegs (40 pints)
$85 - Standard Price
$95 - Imperial & Sour Price
Refundable $100 keg deposit
Refundable $50 tap deposit
50L Kegs (105 Pints)
$165 Standard Price
$185 Imperial & Sour Price
Refundable $100 keg deposit
Refundable $50 tap deposit

We offer a selection of beers available to go in kegs. Browse a full list of our beers here. Please note that offerings depend on availability.

Keg Policy

Kegs are incredibly critical to our production, and so if you can return them as soon as they’re used we appreciate it! If you have previously notified us of a kegerator use, kegs need to returned within 30 days maximum. Please remember you have only paid a deposit for the keg, it remains the property of the brewery.

Kegs can be picked up and returned during normal taproom hours, currently 11am – 10pm daily, at The Taproom (5010 14th Ave NW). The deposit will be refunded upon return of our kegs and tap in good condition. Only the person who paid the deposit can be refunded the deposit – the credit card that paid the deposit must be presented to obtain the refund. Kegs kept beyond the maximum limit are subject to a $25 administrative fee to process the deposit refund, and a check will be mailed to the recipient from brewery’s office (i.e. the tasting room team are unable to process the refund when returned beyond the maximum time limit).

Please note that we are not accepting corny kegs.

And finally, we are not able to refund you for full or partial keg returns under any circumstances. Please make sure you only order what you need!

Request a Keg

Please note that we require 72 hours notice to prepare kegs for pick-up. Any special requests for timing or otherwise, reach out to


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