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February 27, 2020

Hazy IPA Season at The Brewtap

Do you love beer and want to learn more about it?  Come to The Brewtap (800 NW 46th St.) this Thursday as we launch the first of a new series of “seasonal” tap takeovers: Hazy IPA! Each season will last for two months and feature a breadth of beers in the theme of the season, including a unique chance to try beers only available at the Brewtap and learn more about them.

This Thursday at The Brewtap will begin offering:

  • 9 hazy IPAs, 7 of which are unique beers available only at The Brewtap
  • A Sightglass Sensory experience where you can sample two similar beers, identify your perceived difference between the two, provide feedback and then learn what the difference between the two beers actually is! Your feedback will provide us with valuable input for our brewing team
  • Detailed information about each of the highlighted beers to satiate your brewing curiosity!
  • 3 “palate cleansers” of other beers – Crikey IPA, Pilsner, and Warren’s Cider – if you’d like a break from Hazy IPA
  • Seasons to follow after Hazy IPA are West Coast IPAs, Lagers, Experimental and Fresh Hops, and Culinary Beers
Visit The Brewtap every Thursday and Friday, 3pm – 10pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 12pm – 10pm.
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