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November 9, 2019

2019 BBIS Variants and PNW Crush Release

We are releasing three variants of our award-winning BBIS (Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout). All are available in bottles, and will be available on tap when we open. Bottles are $22 each. These releases come from our experimental barrel program, and quantities are very limited. It is the first time we’ve been able to experiment with different types of barrels with BBIS – we were lucky to have just one muscat barrel and very lucky to acquire two cognac puncheons. We are always innovating with our beers, but when it comes to these styles innovation is in small releases – which means small amounts of bottles (see below for beer descriptions and bottle limit information).

We are also releasing a fresh batch of PNW CRUSH, our 7% hazy IPA was brewed with entirely Pacific Northwest ingredients: Skagit Copeland Pils, Skagit Munich Light, and Skagit Crystal-15 malts. And this was hopped with loads of the best of the PNW-grown hops: Azacca, Strata, and Mosaic. 4-packs of 16oz cans will be available at open alongside the BBIS Variants releases.

BBIS 2019 Variants:

BBIS Cognac (14%) – 25 cases available, limit 2 bottles per person

BBIS Cognac is a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout finished in two Cognac puncheons.
Tasting notes: Nose of sweet toffee, with warm, fruity cherries and white grapes. Body has warming oak character, with a deep caramel and sweet toffee finish.

Double Barrel BBIS (16%) – 16 cases available, limit 1 bottle per person

BBIS Double Barrel is an imperial stout aged twice in a blend of bourbon barrels.
Tasting notes: A nose of rich and decadent vanilla and oak. Body is full of warming bourbon spice, with a honey sweetness and dry finish.

BBIS Muscat (14%) – 12 cases available, limit 1 bottle per person

BBIS Muscat is an imperial stout barrel-aged in a single second-use Muscat wine barrel, that we were fortunate to get our hands on.
Tasting notes: This single barrel beer has a tremendous nose of oak and earthy white wine. The body has a great tannin structure with notes of cherry. Earth and baker’s chocolate on the finish.

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