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February 25, 2021

The Hop with No Name

The Backstory from Adam


Given we are so fortunate to live close to the hop capital of the world, it’s an amazing privilege we have as Pacific Northwest brewers to be able to pop over the mountains and visit the farms that grow our hops.

Occasionally I’ve been fortunate enough to walk through experimental hop fields, and rub new varietals that are still in the development stage. These hops may be only a few rhizomes on a hill, to a couple of acres. A couple of years ago I managed to do that with Michael Ferguson, the Director of Hop Breeding at Haas.

Most hops in development have strong links with their parent varietals – you can sense their lineage when you rub them. But [Classified] was totally unique – a broad, sweet tropical (almost candied) fruit forward aroma is what really grabbed me when I rubbed it in the field. It was unique to pique my interest – in a field of green, and with my lupulin covered hands, nose and face!

The opportunity to support a hop from its early development was one we couldn’t refuse. To help support the industry in this small way is the least we could do. The future of our industry is based on innovation – and hop innovation is really a large driver of the craft beer industry in recent times. Imagine a world without Citra! Furthermore, when you look at what drives us as a brewery it’s a great example of what we call brewing “glass backwards” – being unconstrained in recipe development – by designing beers from the hop field, literally!


The Beer


Puffs of [Classified] features a too-new-to-be-numbered hop from the 2020 harvest in the Yakima Valley. We sponsored a tiny parcel of this early stage developmental hop, making this one of only a handful of beers to feature this [classified] hop. This Puffs bursts with tropical flavors, pina colada, and candied fruit. [Classified] is a unique and innovative hop that shows off with potency and intense tropical fruit flavors.


Give It a Taste


Puffs of [Classified] is available exclusively at our Taproom and To-Go Store, on draft and in 16oz cans to-go, for a limited time! Come in to taste the future of PNW hops.

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