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April 4, 2023

New Vintage Release: The Crows Returns for 2023

A Barrel-Aged Beer Dedicated to the Art of Blending

First bottled in 2021, The Crows is a special release, and one that showcases the art behind our barrel-aged beers. Every year this beer is slightly different as elements in the final blend change. During the months leading up to its annual reappearance, our innovation manager Thor Stoddard periodically tastes samples from many barrels, noting their favorable characteristics and potential to boost or balance certain aromas and flavors.

To create this year’s vintage, Thor started by selecting three different oak vessels from our barrel library. The first was a chewy, chocolatey Imperial Stout aged for a year in a bourbon cask (barrel 572). Then he chose barrel 600, which contained 53 gallons of our award-winning Barleywine aged in a maple syrup cask for nine months. Finally he pulled another cask of Three Ryes Men that had spent nearly two years in bourbon-soaked oak (barrel 509). By¬†combining the three in equal portions and aging this blend a second time in bourbon barrels, he arrived at The Crows 2023 Edition.

Velvety smooth with some caramel sweetness, a brownie-like richness, and a hint of spice and smoke, it’s complex and charismatic.¬†“The fun part about The Crows is that it’s a component blend,” says Thor. “By re-aging it a second time, we can push it where we want it to be. This time for example, we brought in the maple note.”

To try The Crows on tap and to snag a bottle for home, visit our Taproom on Saturday, April 8th.

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