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Reuben's Brews
10th Anniversary
PNW Amber Ale
35 IBUs
5.5% ABV

In an alternate reality where Amber Ale reigns supreme, hops are still the hero.

Metamodern PNW Amber is a collaboration between Reuben’s Brews and Georgetown Brewing, the first in a series of ten collaborations released in 2022 to mark Reuben’s Brews’ 10th Anniversary. Manny Chao, co-founder of Georgetown Brewing, is responsible for some of the classic PNW beers that got our co-founder Adam Robbings started in the world of craft beer, especially his eponymous Manny’s Pale Ale. What better place to start this year of collaborations than with the brewery that literally kick-started it all for us. Cheers to great PNW beer!

35 IBUs
5.5% ABV
In an alternate reality where Amber Ale reigns supreme, hops are still the hero.
Supreme Triumvirate
Imperial IPA
52 IBUs
9% ABV

The pride reunites, stronger than ever before. Supreme Triumvirate is brewed in collaboration with old friends and long time supporters Brouwer’s Cafe and Bottleworks, and is the second collaboration in Reuben’s Brews’ 10th Anniversary series in 2022. When co-founders Adam and Grace Robbings moved in to the neighborhood one of their criteria for choosing a new home was that it was walking distance from great beer, and Brouwer’s Cafe sealed the deal.

We’ve proudly brewed Triumvirate IPA as the house IPA for Brouwer’s, Bottleworks, and the dearly departed The Burgundian since 2015, and along the way that special beer has been honored with GABF and World Beer Cup Gold. For our 10th Anniversary we’ve brought the empire back together for a new imperial version of this classic west coast IPA.

52 IBUs
9% ABV
The pride reunites, stronger than ever before.
Dream Team
Hazy IPA
47 IBUs
7.2% ABV

Dream Team Hazy IPA is a collaboration between Reuben’s Brews, Great Notion, and Fort George. This dream team first brewed together with the 2017 release of Fort George’s iconic 3-Way, a legendary release all three breweries continue to hear about from our supporters.

Dream Team packs grapefruit, passionfruit, white wine, and stone fruit flavor across a very soft, light, and pillowy hazy IPA. The brew is engineered to drive up the aromatics at 7.2% ABV. Pilsner malt, plus flaked and malted oats, and flaked rice meet Cryo Simcoe®, Nelson Sauvin™, and Riwaka™ hops alongside Citra Incognito®.

47 IBUs
7.2% ABV
The Dream Team is back for another run.
Stouter Limits
Imperial Stout
50 IBUs
12.5% ABV

One Small Sip. One Giant Treat...

Stouter Limits Imperial Stout is the fourth release in the Reuben’s Brews 10th Anniversary Collaboration Series, brewed with the great folks at Homebrewers Guild of Seattle Proper. This is the homebrew club where our co-founder Adam Robbings cut his teeth, leading to the formation of our brewery. In fact, a number of our recipes still date back to those heady days of homebrewing. Homebrewing is the epitome of “glass backwards” - brewing unconstrained by production efficiencies - which Adam learned at the club and carried those philosophies forward to this very day at the brewery.

Stouter Limits is a massive imperial stout brewed with literally tons of malt and a super long boil so it can reach a hefty 12.5% ABV. This beer is thick, heavy, rich, and packs a wallop.

50 IBUs
12.5% ABV
To boldly go where no stout has before.
Up The Bridges!
American Pale Ale
30 IBUs
5.5% ABV

Up The Bridges! American Pale Ale is the fifth release in the Reuben’s Brews 10th Anniversary Collaboration Series, brewed in collaboration with the folks at Ballard FC. Reuben’s Brews is the title sponsor for the inaugural season of our neighborhood’s first ever USL2 soccer team! We are proud to continue supporting our community and providing a gathering spot for our neighborhood to support our own soccer team.

Up The Bridges! is the battle-cry of the new team, in reference to the iconic Ballard Bridge located a few blocks from our Taproom. This American Pale Ale with a special blend of brand-new and tried-and-true hops including HBC 1019 and Cashmere alongside Michigan Chinook and Cascade. Crisp, clean, and hoppy Up The Bridges! Is the perfect beer to enjoy at kickoff of a new soccer season!

30 IBUs
5.5% ABV
It takes a village to raise a bridge...
English-style Barleywine
68 IBUs
11.75% ABV

The Dog That Doesn’t Bark Bites Hardest...

Barnacles English-style Barleywine is the sixth release in the Reuben’s Brews 10th Anniversary Collaboration Series, brewed with our friend and brewing legend Alan Sprints of Hair of the Dog Brewery. We have a lot to thank Alan for but one of the most memorable occasions was in October 2012. Our brewery had only been open for business for two months and we were planning our very first bourbon-barrel imperial stout (to be released in 2013 as the first BBIS!) We didn’t know where we could get a bourbon barrel, but Alan came to our rescue, giving us two barrels from Hair of the Dog’s stash that Adam picked up in his truck.

It is a great honor to brew with Alan, particularly this style of beer that is special for each of us. If you haven’t heard, Alan is retiring this year and winding down the Hair of the Dog Brewery. We thank Alan for all of his leadership and inspiration in the craft beer world, both here in the Pacific Northwest and truly around the world.

68 IBUs
11.75% ABV
The dog that doesn't bark bites hardest...
New Zealand Pilsner
50 IBUs
5.1% ABV

Given our fondness for brewing a breadth of beer styles, we couldn't create an anniversary series without including a lager. And who better to collaborate with than our friends at Chuckanut Brewery in the Skagit Valley? Not only have Will and Mari Kemper released an impressive number of award-winning lagers at Chuckanut, they also co-founded Thomas Kemper Brewing, one of the first craft breweries in the Pacific Northwest. We collaborated with them on a Pale Ale back in 2018 when they invited us to Beer Prom, and we had a lot of fun teaming up for another brew day!

When we put our heads together to develop a recipe, we landed on a New Zealand-style Pilsner hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Nectaron, two southern hemisphere varieties known for their intense aromas of wine grapes and tropical fruit. A bit of flaked rice in the mash lightened up the body, ultimately producing a beer that's bright, biscuity, and well suited for summer. As for the name? Well, during our brainstorming session Adam informed us that there were six sheep for every person in New Zealand so we started calling it 6:1. And it stuck. So here's to friendship, Pilsner, and Kiwi hops!

50 IBUs
5.1% ABV
From the land of many sheep, few people, and great hops...
Beer Committee
Rye Witbier
6% ABV

Adam started homebrewing in 2010, and when we heard that homebrewers could pour at the semi-annual Phinney Neighborhood Association Beer Taste, we threw our names in the hat right away. Part of their selection process involved bringing beer in front of the “Beer Committee” for review. So with some trepidation we poured our beers at a committee member’s dining room table—not exactly the round one depicted—and were ultimately invited to serve at the festival.

With only one night to choose a “brewery” name before the menus went to print, we decided on Reuben’s Brews, after our oldest kiddo. And then we ended up winning the people’s choice award for our Roasted Rye IPA! When Adam received numerous emails from bars and restaurants requesting his beer, we felt the pull to take the plunge and sign a lease on our first commercial brewing space. Would Reuben’s Brews exist without the PNA? While there are many ways to get from point A to point B, we’re certainly grateful for all the times our journey has intersected with theirs over the years.

6% ABV
Those in favor say "rye"...
What Comes Next
West Coast IPA
71 IBUs
7.8% ABV

Even before we opened the brewery in 2012, we were fortunate to have amazing support from the community. People followed our Facebook page when we were still under construction, and after launching a Kickstarter campaign in 2011 we found an amazing group of supporters who helped fund our build out. We've always wanted to maintain strong ties with our community, and one of the ways we do this is with the Reuben's Crew. Our mug club includes members who have been with us since our Kickstarter days, people from the Phinney Neighborhood Association's beer committee who approved us to pour at the 2010 PNA Beer Taste, those who visited us in the first few days of us opening, and those who learned about us more recently. But no matter how long people have been members of the mug club, everyone in the Crew is ultimately a friend. They know us well, they give us feedback, and we often enjoy sitting down with them in the taproom to enjoy a pint.

71 IBUs
7.8% ABV
Empire's rise, empire's fall, the Crew's been there for it all...
All Hands
10th anniversary blend
12.7% ABV

A blend of four different barrel-aged beers chosen by our team, All Hands is the 10th and final release in our anniversary collaboration series. We chose to finish out our anniversary series with a beautiful barrel-aged blend chosen by our team to celebrate the hard work and passion that beats through the soul of our company. Thick and chocolatey with notes of maple, hazelnut, bourbon, and cherry cola, it's highly drinkable for a beer of its strength and complexity.

This beer is packaged in 500ml bottles.

12.7% ABV
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