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January 20, 2015

Blimey That’s Bitter! 2015 Release Date!

Saturday, February 7 will be the annual Blimey That’s Bitter! release party this year! First brewed in 2014 for the inaugural Washington Hop Mob event, Blimey That’s Bitter! has become a favorite amongst IPA drinkers. A big Triple IPA, it comes in at 10.5% ABV and 80 IBUs and has three dry hops to create that big hop presence.

Blimey That’s Bitter! has already won some nice recognition – winning “Best Imperial IPA in the NW” in the 2014 US Beer Tasting Championships, as well as being rated as one of the Best 20 IPAs in America by The Pour Fool.

On Saturday, February 7th at noon we’ll release the beer with some special options – think randalls and casks! We’ll have the beer available on tap, Blimey That’s Bitter! t-shirts available, as well as a limited number of 22oz bottles.  And please remember to drink Blimey fresh to enjoy it’s hop aromatics and flavor at their peak!  Burgerphenia will be with us to provide tasty food as well.

This year’s Blimey That’s Bitter! will make it’s first appearance the night before, on February 6th at the first 2015 Washington Hop Mob Roadshow event at Brouwer’s Cafe.  Check out for all the details of this year’s Hop Mob, where we’ll have over 30 breweries from Washington State showcasing their awesome triple IPAs! The week of February 9th will see a few kegs of Blimey That’s Bitter! out in distribution in the Seattle area, and the occasional case of bottles too.

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