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Bits & Bobs 2020: “Alpha” vs “Beta” Test Batches

Every year we create a new IPA using unique hops, malts or processes we recently discovered, called Bits & Bobs IPA. This is our chance to innovate with the “Bits & Bobs” that we are so excited about! For the 2020 Bits & Bobs we have brewed two test batches, and we want your help in choosing which beer we should brew.

2020 Bits and Bobs features a far lighter element of crystal malt than we’ve used in the past – just a light touch. It also features a hop we first brewed with in 2019 Hop Idol – Sabro. Sabro adds incredible levels of tropical fruit and coconut into a beer, and really rounds out a flavor profile – even when used sparingly.  For Bits Alpha and Beta, we also added a process difference between the beers – that’s the only difference between them.  The same malt bill, the same amount of hops, just a process difference differentiates the two batches.  We’re excited to see which one people prefer! And don’t ask your server what the difference is – only 3 brewers know, and they’re sworn to silence until we release the results! Cheers!

We want this to be an impartial survey, so even our co-founder and brewmaster Adam Robbings is in the dark about which version is which. Please give these beers a try over the coming week or so, and give your opinion through this page. We will randomly select one response to win a gift card!

Your feedback will be helpful as we decide what the final recipe of the 2020 release of Bits & Bobs 2020 will be. Thank you!

    Which version of the beer did you prefer?

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