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February 27, 2020

Hazy IPA Season at The Brewtap

It’s Hazy IPA Season at The Brewtap!

Each Season at The Brewtap will last for two months and feature a breadth of beers within the style of the Season, including a unique chance to try beers only available at the Brewtap and dive deeper in to how they were made. This is our opportunity to provide you with a guided experience to our wide range of our beers within different beer styles. ⠀

The current taplist is:

Hazealicious IPA

Hazealicious IPA is our year-round hazy IPA, which we debuted in the fall of 2018. This award-winning beer — it was recently given a Gold Medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge — has big and bright hops as the star of the show. We use Citra®, Strata, Comet, Mosaic®, and Azacca®. The flavor profile skews tropical, in particular passion fruit, and sits on a soft and pillowy body typical for a hazy IPA.

Adam’s Notes: For our year-round hazy IPA I wanted our beer to be a refreshing take on the style. We brought a new yeast into the brewery to brew this beer, as yeast is the key element to making a great hazy IPA – giving it that soft body, as well as a fruity ester profile. We lean into the specific blend of hops to get a tropical hop profile with a lot of depth and nuance.


POG Hazealicious *Brewtap Exclusive*

Hazealicious — our year-round hazy IPA — is bright and juicy with lots of tropical fruit notes from the heavy dry-hop. We compliment those flavors by adding copious amounts of passion fruit, orange, and guava purees.

Adam’s Notes: Hazy IPAs are wonderful for their soft, tropical fruit hop aromas. So doubling down on this by adding the actual fruit the hops in Hazealicious alude to seems like a match made in heaven.

This beer will be released in 22oz bottles in the summertime!


Gorilla Juice

Gorilla Juice is our hazy IPA collaboration with Gorilla FC, an official Seattle Sounders FC supporters’ group that utilizes passion for soccer to support the Puget Sound community. This beer starts with the same malt bill of other Crush-series beers – Pils, Pale, Wheat, and Oats – and features Chinook, Citra®, and Lotus hops.

Adam’s Notes: We’ve been privileged to work with Gorilla FC for a number of years now. As a Brit, football (or should I say soccer!) is a big part of life and working with an organization to support great causes and soccer is perfect for me personally. This beer features the hop Lotus – a hop we haven’t used in other beers. Lotus is supposed to bring orange, vanilla, berry, and tropical fruits. We tend to see strong berry and tropical in this blend – what do you get?


Zombie Crush *Brewtap Exclusive*

This hazy IPA is inspired by the Zombie Punch tiki cocktail, with its smooth fruit and spicy cinnamon flavors. We punch up our crush beer with grapefruit puree, lime, cherry, barrel-aged bitters, and cinnamon.

Adam’s Notes: The fruit forward nature of hazy IPAs is juxtaposed with bitters and cinnamon, in an “opposites attract” flavor combination! Often in pairing beer and food opposites really work, and we took this principle as the basis for this flavor combination.


Cereal Crush *Brewtap Exclusive*

This unique infusion of Crush debuted at our annual Haze Fest event during Seattle Beer Week. Our experimental brewer Thor came up with this idea in 2018, inspired by the cereal milk developed by Momofuku Milk Bar, and he experimented with three kinds of fruity cereal before settling on Trix.

Adam’s Notes: This beer is the brainchild of Thor, and it works! Apart from the fruity cereal integrating with the hop profile, it may work because hazy IPAs use a lot of adjunct grains – such as oats and wheat – to give them that soft pillowy body we’ve come to expect, which melds with the grain used in cereals.


Grapefruit Crush *Brewtap Exclusive*

To compliment the tropical and juicy flavors in our Crush series, we’ve infused this beer with almost 12lbs per barrel of ruby red grapefruit. The tart grapefruit pairs well with the smooth fruit flavors and balanced body of our base Crush beer.

Adam’s Notes: Hazy IPAs are known more for their soft, tropical flavor profile. Grapefruit is more of a West Coast IPA flavor profile, on the sharper side it fits with the more bitter sibling to hazy IPA. But at the right level it can take center stage on a soft, pillowy tropical body and play the leading role.


Pineapple Coconut Crush *Brewtap Exclusive*

This is one of our most popular infusions of our crush beers, which we release occasionally at special events throughout the year.

Adam’s Notes: While hazy IPAs in general exude tropical flavors derived from the hop profile, few go in the direction of pineapple and coconut. But pineapple and coconut are obviously within the tropical family and so work perfectly. Interestingly, some newer hop varieties are starting to create some coconut notes – Sabro is one, HBC 472 is another – this beer doesn’t use either, it uses the real thing! (Note: If you’d like to try Sabro in one of our beers try out seasonal IPA Bits and Bobs at The Taproom.)


Sightglass A *Brewtap Exclusive*

Participate in the Sightglass Sensory panel! You can sample two similar beers, identify your perceived difference between the two, provide feedback and then learn what the difference between the two beers actually is! Your feedback will provide us with valuable input for our brewing team.


Sightglass B *Brewtap Exclusive*

Participate in the Sightglass Sensory panel! You can sample two similar beers, identify your perceived difference between the two, provide feedback and then learn what the difference between the two beers actually is! Your feedback will provide us with valuable input for our brewing team.


Plus three palate cleansers:


Our Czech-style Pilsner uses two old-world malts and two classic continental hops. The result is a delightfully crisp lager with clean, refreshing bitterness. We’ve tried a half-dozen pilsner malts but return time and again to Weyermann Pilsner, which is produced in the town of Bamberg in the famous Franconia region of Germany.

A Czech-style pilsner is differentiated in subtle ways from a German pils, and the easiest to catch is in the small amount of residual sweetness in a Czech-style pilsner and less intense minerality, which gives a slightly fuller mouthfeel compared to the German-style.


Mind the Gap!

Mind the Gap! is our new year-round, lower ABV “on-the-go” IPA. This beer is highly drinkable and crisp, and is ready for you to bring along on your adventures as you mindfully enjoy the gaps in your day. Mind the Gap! is brewed with Pale, Munich, and Caramel malts for a bright and balanced malt flavor that supports a modern hop bill of Mosaic®, Citra®, and Simcoe®.


Warren’s Pub Cider

The first offering from Warren’s Cider, our own cider company named after our Co-founders’ second son Warren.An unfiltered, traditional English-style semi-dry pub cider modeled after the ciders that our Brewmaster Adam is used to enjoying in the UK.


Upcoming seasons to follow Hazy IPA are West Coast IPAs (May-June), Lagers (July-August), Experimental and Fresh Hops (September-October), and Culinary Beers (November-December).

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