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March 26, 2024

Reuben’s Brews 2024 Pro-Am Homebrew Contest

Win a Chance to Brew With Us

Calling all homebrewers! We are excited to announce our 2024 Pro-Am Homebrew Contest, the 7th edition of this fun competition. Just like last year we’ll accept entries in three categories: Dark Beers, IPAs, and Lagers. Our Pro-Am will be a Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) certified homebrew competition. All entries will be blind tasted and scored against BJCP style guidelines.

The winner of best in show will have the chance to brew a large scale batch of their beer with us at one of our Ballard production facilities. This beer will then be packaged and released later in the year. The deadline window for your entries to arrive at our brewery is from May 21st to May 28th, 2024.

Our intention is to release the beer in the summer. We may also decide to enter it in the Pro-Am category at the Washington Beer Awards as well as one of the most prestigious beer competitions in the country: the Great American Beer Festival (GABF).

We know it takes time, effort, and commitment to brew beer and send it out for a contest like this, so we’d like to thank everyone who decides to share their brews with us. Homebrewing is where we started our own professional journey and remains close our heart. Many homebrewers across the country do great work and we hope this contest draws more attention to that fact. Good Luck!

Entry Checklist

Read the following Requirements section for complete information about how to prepare your entry, what to submit online, and what to submit with your entry. Feel free to reach out to with questions.

  1. Register your entry online at this page. Each brewer or team only needs to submit once for up to four beers.
  2. Use our online store to pay the entry fee of $5/beer. All fees will be donated to the Reuben’s Brews Foundation.
  3. Carefully package your entry for either shipping or in-person drop off at our Taproom. Our shipping address appears below. Your submission must contain:
    1. Four (4) bottles or cans of each beer, 330ml/12oz or larger.
    2. One completed BJCP Recipe Form for each beer entered. Please fill this out completely, with careful attention to the Category and Sub-category information.
    3. Completed BJCP Bottle IDs for each of the four bottles or cans of each entry submitted. We are not able to judge bottles without proper IDs.
    4. A self-addressed stamped envelope large enough to hold 8.5″ × 11″ sheets of paper if you would like us to return your scoresheets to you. (This is optional but highly recommended.)

Contest Requirements

Dark beers (Dark British Beer, American Porter & Stout, etc.), IPAs, and Lagers (Czech Lager, International Lager, etc.) will be accepted for this competition. Beers will be judged against the BJCP style guidelines, so please ensure that you have the correct category to ensure fair and reasonable judging. Please read over the 2021 BJCP category descriptions on the BJCP website.

  • Beers must be submitted and arrive at our brewery between May 21st and May 28th, 2024. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions to this time window.
  • Judging will take place on June 1st. The judging panel will consist of BJCP certified judges, industry experts, and members of the Reuben’s Brews team.
  • You may submit up to a maximum of 4 different beers.
  • There is a $5 entry fee for each beer submitted. All entry fees will support the Reuben’s Brews Foundation. Please submit your payment online AT THIS LINK. Along with the chance to have one of your own beers brewed here, you’ll also be helping us raise money for our Foundation initiatives!
  • Each homebrewer (or team) must fill out our ONLINE ENTRY FORM before submitting their entries. This is our primary way of tracking your entries, and our means of contacting you if we have any questions.
  • Homebrewers (or teams) must also fill out one BJCP Recipe Form for each submission and include a printed copy with your entry when shipping or dropping off. Entries submitted without fully completed Recipe Forms will not be judged.
  • You must send at least four (4) bottles or cans of each beer, 330ml/12oz or larger.
  • Each beer must have a BJCP Bottle ID filled out and taped to it. These can be downloaded here.
  • If you’d like to have your scoresheets returned to you, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope (large enough to hold 8.5″ × 11″ pages) with your physical entry.
  • Bottles or cans should be carefully packaged and either hand-delivered or shipped to our Ballard Taproom:

Reuben’s Brews, LLC
Attn: Pro-Am Homebrew Contest
5010 14th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Prizes & Awards

Reuben’s Brews will work with the winning homebrewer(s) to take the winning recipe and reproduce it, as faithfully as possible to the original, on a professional scale. We also intend to invite the homebrewer(s) to help brew the commercial batch of the winning recipe at our brewery in Seattle.

  • We will package and release the winning beer and the winning homebrewer(s) will receive a one-time royalty of $250.
  • Merchandise from Reuben’s Brews and/or our industry partners will be awarded to first, second, and third placed beers in the competition under a best of show format.
  • We anticipate entering the 2024 Pro-Am winning brew in the Washington Beer Awards and/or the Great American Beer Festival, depending on timing and overall suitability.

The Fine Print
Please note that it is illegal to ship alcoholic beverages via the U.S. Postal Service. Private shipping carrier’s rules and regulations concerning the shipment of beer or alcoholic beverages may vary. We strongly encourage you to check with your shipping carrier prior to shipping your entry. It is solely the entrant’s responsibility to follow all applicable laws and regulations.

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