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March 8, 2024

The Crows Is Back: Meet Our 2024 Vintage

Our Annual Dedication to the Art of Beer Blending

The Crows has been a special release to us for several years now, and one that showcases the art behind our barrel-aged beer program. Each winter before The Crows makes its annual reappearance, our innovation manager Thor Stoddard periodically tastes samples from many barrels, takes notes on their favorable characteristics as well as their potential to boost or balance particular aromas and flavors. And because the elements in the final blend change from year to year, no two vintages are the same.

To create this year’s vintage, Thor selected six different oak barrels from our sizeable library. The first was a thick Imperial Stout aged for eight months in Old Forester whiskey casks (barrels 676 and 677). Then he chose a pair of eight-year-old Heaven Hill bourbon barrels (617 and 618), which contained an English-style Barleywine that had aged for 20 months. Finally he pulled two more casks of a Stoutwine that had spent 13 months in bourbon-soaked oak (barrels 623 and 624). By combining them in equal portions, he arrived at the 2024 Edition of The Crows.

Rich and full-bodied with notes of cocoa, dark cherry, and oak, it’s a bold, beguiling beer that warrants a few moments of contemplation.

“The thing that gets me the most excited about The Crows is that each year is unique,” says Thor. “When tasting for the blend we are looking for barrels that stand out, but also have something interesting to contribute. This year we chose barrels that were low on roast character in favor of both chocolate and caramel notes. We used a new base Stout to bring in the chocolate, while the caramel came from our Hair of the Dog collaboration Barleywine that underwent extended aging. Lastly, some barrels from another collab with Monday Night Brewing gave us more of the chocolate and caramel that we were after. All together this made a beer that is a rich as it is complex.”

To try the 2024 vintage of The Crows and to pick up a bottle, visit one of our taprooms.

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